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Mar 10, 2003



  • Read the article "A Monstrous Tale" from Emil, the monthly magazine of Danish Radio's Channel 1. (in Danish only)
  • Skotland Hear the radio documentary "A Monstrous Tale" (Producer: Ole Stig Andersen, Technician: Jesper Tholl)
  • How the Loch Ness Myth was created. Chronology (Danish)
  • The Loch Ness Monster's Song
  • Monstrous Links


    Until the arrival of English, the Scots spoke two other languages, Gaelic and Scots. These two native languages are still spoken. But for how long can they withstand English?
  • Scots, English and Danish
  • Skotland Hear the radio documentary "A Language is a Dialect with an Army" (Producer: Ole Stig Andersen, Technician: Jesper Tholl)
  • Where is the quote from?: "A Language is a Dialect with an Army"
  • Read the Review & Discussion of the radio documentary
  • Scotland Links


    Scots and Scottishness was the subject of a total of 16 programmes from Scotland of varying duration broadcast by Danish Radio's Programme 1 during 1999 under the series "Our Unknown Neighbours".

    16 Radio Programmes about Scotland
    Danmarks Radio, Channel 1, 1999

    Jan 18

    Hogmanay (New Year)

    Jan 25


    Angus Calder
    Feb 8

    Drama in Aberdeenshire

    Wendy de Russett, Art Dickinson
    Feb 15

    Poverty and Slum from the Sixties

    Bill Scott, Jimmy Butler, Ian McKee
    Feb 22

    The New Scotland

    Joyce MacMillan
    Apr 16

    Cloning Dolly

    Harry Griffin, Dolly the Sheep
    May 3

    Peoples' Money (Lets schemes)

    Bill Scott
    May 5

    A Country Without Fear of Foreigners

    Kaukab Stewart, Mike Russell
    May 29

    The Scottish Elections

    Marlyn MacMillan
    Aug 31

    Skotland Loch Ness - radio A Monstrous Tale: The Loch Ness Monster

    Lilly Donald, Steuart Campbell, Adrian Shine, Ian Cameron, Willie Cameron
    Sep 5

    Findhorn 1

    Niels Poulsen
    Sep 6

    Findhorn 2. Angels

    Annette Korzen
    Sep 7

    Findhorn 3

    Pia Mark-Coate
    Sep 8

    Findhorn 4. Eco-Village

    David Munro, May East, Christopher Raymond
    Sep 9

    Findhorn 5. Relations with the Local Community

    Niels Poulsen, Davina Thomas
    Oct 19

    Skotland sprog - radioA Language is a Dialect with an Army: Scots and Gaelic

    Ishobail MacLeod, Wendy de Russett, Colin Wilson, Karen Tronøe, Allan Campbell, Angus Peter Campbell, Heather MacIlleChiar






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